Governing Board

In efforts to comply with the Charter School Omnibus bill that was passed in April 2012, Ka ʻUmeke seeks individuals with the following skill sets to serve on the governing board: a demonstrated understanding of the best practices of non-profit governance, strong financial management skills, academic oversight, human resources, and fundraising experience. As a Hawaiian Immersion charter school, Ka ʻUmeke also seeks board directors who understand and work in the field of Hawaiian language and cultural education, individuals with connections to institutions of post-secondary education in Hawaiʻi, and legal expertise. Currently, constituent groups elect 30% of board directors. The required skill sets are sought from ʻohana and community board directors who make up the remaining 70% of the board. It is important to Ka ʻUmeke that board directors are passion- ate about fulfilling Ka ʻUmeke’s vision and mission, however, the school recognizes that diverse perspectives and skill sets are necessary for creating a well-rounded governing body. Recommendations have been made to create a rubric to select community board members this may increase the boardʻs ability to recruit board members with the right skill sets and experiences.

New Directors to the board are selected in accordance with Act 130 and Ka ʻUmeke’s bylaws in the following manner:

Keaukaha School Site Kumu Representative, Pā Hoaka School site Kumu Representative, and Support Staff Representative are all selected in June of each year via a nomination based election process by their constituent groups. The Kumu Representative seats are each a one-year term and the Support Staff Representative is a two-year term.

Two ʻOhana Representatives are selected via election at the May or June Hui ʻOhana meeting. Both these seats are a one-year term.

One ʻOhana Representative is appointed by the Hui ʻOhana Board and is a member of the Hui ʻOhana Board. This is a two-year term.

The five community Representatives are selected by appointment of the board and approved via board director vote. Community seats are three- year terms.

The governing body ensures that the purposes of the school are being met.

Board director terms were intentionally set to be staggered one, two, and three-year terms to ensure there was never a 100% turnover rate at any one time. The purpose of this is to allow new directors to more effectively learn about board operations and history from and alongside experienced board directors.

The governing board is continuing to develop an orientation process to help new and existing board directors to more effectively carry out their duties and meet the needs of the school. Some of these steps include continuing to contract a board support professional to provide board training and general governing board information at monthly meetings and providing board directors with the Ka ʻUmeke board manual that outlines board di- rector conduct and responsibilities, and all school policies. Board directors realize that orientation is an on-going process that requires consistent adaptation to stay inline with changing school priorities and policies.



VICE CHAIR: Kaʻaka Swain


SECRETARY: Mānaiakalani Kalua

Ululani Ching
Pohai Kyota
Carl Lozar
Kelly Osorio
Liliha Fredrick

POʻOKUMU: Nohea Nahale-a


July 2016
Gov Agenda 7-27-16minutes 7-26-2016

August 2016
Gov Agenda 8-23-16minutes 8-23-2016

September 2016
Gov Agenda 9-27-16minutes 9-27-2016

October 2016
Gov Agenda 10-25-16 *no quorum; meeting not held

November 2016
Gov Agenda 11-1-16minutes 11-1-2016

December 2016
no meeting

January 2017
Gov Agenda 1-24-17minutes 1-24-2017

February 2017
Gov Agenda 2-28-17minutes 2-28-2017

March 2017
no meeting

April 2017
Gov Agenda 4-24-17minutes 4-25-2017

May 2017
Gov Agenda 5-23-17 *no quorum; meeting not held

July 2017
Gov Agenda 7-25-17 *meeting postponed

August 2017
Gov Agenda 8-22-17 
GOV Minutes, August 29, 2017

September 2017
Gov Agenda 9-26-17
GOV Minutes, August 29, 2017

October 2017
Gov Agenda 10-24-17
Gov Minutes October 24, 2017

November 2017
Gov Agenda 11-28-17 *meeting not held

December 2017
Gov Agenda 12-12-17
Gov Minutes December 12, 2017

January 2018
Gov Agenda 1-30-18
Gov Minutes January 30, 2018

February 2018
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 2-27-18
Gov Minutes February 27 2018

March 2018
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 3-27-18 *meeting postponed

April 2018
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 4-24-18
*Minutes pending approval

May 2018
*Meeting postponed

June 2018
Gov Minutes 6-28-18

July 2018
Gov Minutes 7-24-2018

August 2018
Gov Agenda 8-28-18
Gov Minutes 8-28-18

September 2018
Gov Minutes 9-27-18
Gov Agenda 9-27-18

October 2018
Gov Agenda 10-30-18
Gov Minutes 10-30-18

November 2018

December 2018
Gov Agenda 12-4-18
Gov Minutes 12-4-18

January 2019
Gov Agenda 1-8-19
*no quorum; no meeting held

February 2019
Gov Agenda 2-26-19
Gov Minutes 2-26-19

March 2019
Gov Minutes 3-1-19
Gov Agenda 3-28-19
**NOTE: Location of meeting has been changed to Pā Hoaka
Gov Minutes 3-28-19

April 2019
Gov Agenda 4-30-19
**NOTE: Location of meeting has been changed to Hale Lamalama

May 2019
Gov Agenda 5-28-19
Gov Minutes 5-28-19

June 2019
Gov Agenda Emergency 6-6-19
Gov Minutes Emergency Meeting 6-6-19

Gov Agenda 6-27-19
Gov Minutes 6-27-19

July 2019
*July 23rd meeting has been postponed to July 30th.
Gov Agenda 7-30-19
Gov Minutes 7-30-19

August 2019

Gov Agenda 8-27-19
Gov Minutes 8-27-19

September 2019
Gov Agenda 9-17-19
Gov Minutes 9-17-19

October 2019
Gov Agenda 10-15-19
Gov Minutes 10-15-19

November 2019
November Minutes: November Meeting was a special meeting held in Executive Session

December 2019
Gov Agenda 12-10-19
Gov Minutes 12-10-19

January 2020
Gov Agenda 1-21-20
Gov Minutes 1-21-20

February 2020
*no meeting held this month

March 2020
Gov Agenda 3-12-20
Gov Minutes 3-12-20

April 2020
Gov Agenda 4-21-20
Gov Minutes 4-21-20

May 2020
Gov Agenda 5-28-20
Gov Minutes 5-28-20

June 2020
Gov Agenda 6-30-20
Gov Minutes 6-30-20

July 2020
Gov Agenda 7-23-20
Gov Minutes 7-23-20

August 12 Emergency Board Meeting
Gov Agenda 8-12-20 Emergency Meeting
Gov Meeting Minutes Emergency Meeting 8-12-19

September 2020
Gov Agenda 9-1-20
Gov Minutes 9-1-20 (NOT YET APPROVED)
Gov Agenda 9-29-20 (no quorum)

October 2020
Gov Agenda 10-27-20

November 2020
no meeting

December 2020
Gov Meeting Minutes Emergency Meeting 12-7-20
Gov Agenda 12-23-20

January 2021
Gov Agenda 1-19-21
Gov Minutes 1-21-21

February 2021
Gov Agenda 2-25-21
no quorum

March 2021
Gov Agenda 3-30-21
no quorum

April 2021
No meeting this month

May 2021
Gov Agenda 5-13-21
Gov Minutes 5-13-21

June 2021
No meeting this month

July 2021
Gov Agenda 7-21-21
Gov Minutes 7-21-21

August 2021
Gov Agenda Emergency Meeting 8-2-21
Gov Meeting Minutes Emergency Meeting 8-2-21

Gov Agenda Emergency Meeting 8-3-21
Gov Meeting Minutes Emergency Meeting 8-3-21

Gov Agenda Emergency Meeting 8-18-21
Gov Meeting Minutes Emergency Meeting 8-18-21

September 2021
Gov Agenda 9-28-21
Gov Minutes 9-29-21

October 2021
no meeting

November 2021
Gov Agenda 11-10-21
Gov Meeting Board Minutes 11-10-21

December 2021
no meeting

January 2022
Gov Agenda Emergency Meeting 1-6-22
Gov Meeting Minutes Emergency Meeting 1-6-22

Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke PCS 1-27-22
Gov Meeting Board Minutes 1-27-22

February 2022
Gov Board Minutes 2-23-22

March 2022
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke PCS 3-23-22
Gov Board Minutes 3-23-22

April 2022- postponed to May

May 2022- no meeting

June 2022
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 6-30-22
*CANCELLED* Quorum of Board members will not be present. Meeting has been postponed until Thursday, July 7, 2022, 5:00p at Pā Hoaka, 1500 Kalanianaʻole Ave., Hilo 96720. Mahalo!

July 2022
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 7-28-22

Governing Board Calendar SY 22-23

Kepakemapa 2022
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 9-28-22

Pepeluali 2023
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 2-1-23

March 2023
Gov Agenda Ka ʻUmeke 3-22-23

April 2023
Emergency Governing Board Meeting 4-20-23

May 2023

June 2023
Governing Board Agenda 6-27-23
Governing Board Minutes 6-27-23

August 2023
Governing Board Agenda 8-15-23
Governing Board Minutes 8-15-23

October 2023
Governing Board Agenda 10-17-23
Governing Board Minutes 10-17-23

December 2023
Governing Board Agenda 12-14-23
Governing Board Minutes 12-14-23

February 2024
Governing Board Agenda 2-22-24
Governing Board Minutes 2-22-24

April 2024
Governing Board Agenda 4-19-24
Governing Board Minutes 4-19-24