Papa Mālaaʻo – Papa ʻEkolu

Measures of Success

80% of Papa ʻEkolu will be at grade level or higher in Reading and Math.

In order to meet the measure of success the following haumāna learning expectations were created in Papakū Makawalu, Language Arts and Math.  In these papa the focus is on building a strong academic and behavior expectations in order to prepare them to become practitioners.

Haumāna Learning Expectations

In Ōlelo Hawaiʻi we have been revising our Ke Au Hawaiian Language Literacy assessment with support from Kamehameha Schools and aligning the assessment to the Benchmark Assessment System (BAS) reading strategies.  This work has provided us with some clarity about our students’ abilities and where specifically they are struggling.  Previously, at a school-wide level, we looked at broad Ke Au results on reading fluency and comprehension.  With BAS we are also tracking fluency specifics like rate and accuracy.  

For the last three years we have dedicated resources to a full-time Papakū Makawalu (PKM8) resource teacher to ensure that the PKM8 methodology is being used with fidelity throughout every grade and class at ka ʻUmeke.  The PKM8 assessment was worked on with the EdD program at UH-Manoa, which resulted in K-12 assessments. Currently, they are administering this assessment to each grade level. PKM8 Resource teacher is working on this. Early observation and assessment results are telling us that many students are performing above grade level expectations.